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For students and teachers: Teachers' kits

A guide highlighting collections, resources and services available at the State Library of South Australia to assist students and teachers.

Teaching kits

State Library staff have developed teaching kits for some of the State Library's exhibitions and websites. They can be downloaded and used either at school or in the library.

Downstream: The River Murray in South Australia

Downstream, the River Murray in South Australia

Downstream: The River Murray in South Australia features pictorial, archival and published materials which provide information and insights about the River Murray and its vital importance to South Australia.

Teachers will find the website a valuable resource for historical and contemporary material relating to the river and its social, environmental and economic significance for our state.

Studies of Society and Environment can include a unit on the Murray, especially in regard to how it has shaped the history and demography of South Australia. Teachers will find the learning activities presented in the teachers' kits useful in helping achieve the learning outcomes set for standards 4-5 of  the Society and Environment strands in the SACSA framework.


Ron Boland Newspaper Reading Area

The Ronald Boland Newspaper Reading Area exhibition and website can be studied and used to support many aspects of the curriculum, particularly in the learning areas of Society and Environment, English, Media and Design and Technology.


Encounter 1802-2002


The Stowaway and the Captain's Cat was a collaboration between the State Library of South Australia and the Adelaide Festival Centre Trust. It is the story of a brave seafaring cat, who in the company of Captain Matthew Flinders, circumnavigated Australia in the years 1799-1804. Based upon the adaptation of the book Trim written by Matthew Flinders.

Teachers will find the education kit of interest, if focussing on Encounter 1802-2002 and Captain Matthew Flinders "Voyage of Discovery". The education kit level is for Years 4-7, but could be adapted by teachers for use in the middle year bands.