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Open Data Sets: What can I do with data?

Explore and reuse the range of open data sets made available by the State Library of South Australia

Cultural institutions such as Galleries, Libraries and Museums (GLAM) are fascinating because of the rich resources of information they have and the potential for exploring hidden treasures.

On this page we've provided a very brief selection of tools you can use to manipulate data from us. There are a range of examples and tools available to explore. Tell us if you find more!

Some people to follow

How to code

Learn how to code through online tutorials that guide you through practical examples of coding.  There are many levels of tutorials that you can explore and have fun with.

Analysing data


Trove Find and get over 490,215,255 Australian and online resources: books, images, historic newspapers, maps, music, archives and more.

And, Trove is not just a website, it's a platform for building your own tools and resources.

Visualising data

Digital Heritage Handbook


Analyse text

Try our transcribed diiaries, war diaries and letters or oral history transcripts and see what patterns can be revealed