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Centenary of ANZAC projects: Digital Volunteering

The State Library of South Australia (SLSA) is honouring the memory of those who served at the front lines on World War 1 and on the home front, through a series of projects.

About the project

We’re calling on South Australians to contribute to the Centenary of ANZAC. Coo-ee! South Australia is an ongoing project that will present some of our most treasured collections for volunteers to engage with and provide an opportunity for the public to share their unique knowledge and stories online. Your contribution will help to make our digital collections more accessible and more meaningful so that everyone can use and share them.

A range of tasks are available to digital volunteers including assisting in identifying unidentified WW1 soldiers in photographs. For example, in this photograph of Members of the Australian Army Medical Corps we only know the identity of the officer sitting third from left (middle row) -  Captain Herbert Henry Ernest Russell - and we'd love to know who the other chaps are.

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Coo-ee - become a digital volunteer

You decide what you'd like to work on, when and for how long. We will be grateful for any time you can spare to help us. Check out our Become a Digital Volunteer page to find out what you can help us with.

We want to hear from you!

We'd love to find out what you've discovered and have been working on!

Drop us a line: