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Aboriginal people of South Australia: Maps of Aboriginal Australia

South Australian Aboriginal people and languages

AUSTLANG, an Australian Indigenous languages database searchable by location or language name from AIATSIS.

Davis, Stephen L. Australia's extant and imputed traditional Aboriginal territories,

Horton, David. Aboriginal Australia (the 'Horton map'), 1996. Also online.

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Schmidt, von PW. Karte der Eingeboren-Sprachen von Australien (Map of Aboriginal Languages within Australia), in Die Gliederung der australischen Sprachen: geographische, bibliographische, linguistische Grundz ge der Erforschung der australischen Sprachen, 1919.

Schmidt Language Distribution Map, 1919. Courtesy of the South Australian Museum.

Tindale, Norman B. Tribal boundaries in Aboriginal Australia, 1974. Originally published as part of Aboriginal tribes of Australia. "This map is a reproduction of Tindale's 1940 map of Indigenous group boundaries existing at the time of first European settlement in Australia. It is not intended to represent contemporary relationships to land."  Also available to view and download from the State Library of New South Wales.

Wurm, SA and Hattori, Shiro (eds). Language atlas of the Pacific area (pt. 1), 1981-1983.

Cartography and naming landmarks

The State Library holds many mapping resources that illustrate the Language Groups and Tribal Boundaries of Aboriginal Australia. These maps can be helpful in understanding the relationships to land observed by different groups, and can be useful for identifying the provenance of cultural material.

Some of the European mapping resources listed represent Indigenous group boundaries as they existed at the time of first European settlement in Australia while others illustrate the more current distribution of language use.

This method of mapping the land is a European phenomenon. The original owners and occupiers of the land relied upon the landmarks of their Dreaming trails to mark their boundaries and navigate their way.

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