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Barbara Hanrahan: Articles

Adelaide artist and writer Barbara Hanrahan's prints and books, explored the lives of the everyday, especially focusing on women. Find out what the State Library of South Australia holds in it's collection about this South Australian artist.

Newspaper articles

Adelaide review (microfilm)

No 10, February 1985, pp 6-7 Brewster, Anne 'Regional writing at a distance: an interview with Barbara Hanrahan.'

No 20, December 1985, pp 11, 19 Parker, David 'Re-mapping Adelaide: the importance of Barbara Hanrahan.'

No 38, May 1987, pp 6-7 Baker, Candida 'Somewhere sinister.'

Adelaide Review (hard copy) No 185, February 1999, p 8 Coleman, Peter 'The real Barbara Hanrahan?'

Sunday mail 5 October 1980, pp 33-34 Lloyd, Maureen 'Barbara the chatty recluse.'

The Advertiser (microform)

16 August 1977, p 20 'Prints with a novel touch.'

22 June 1985: Saturday review p 4 Stevens, John 'Writer by chance in love with sinister Adelaide.'

14 August 1986, p 14 Neylon, John 'The printed world of Hanrahan.'

4 December 1991, p 12 'Artist and author mourned obituary.'

21 December 1991: Magazine p 12 Daw, Michelle 'Weird and wonderful.'

15 April 1994, p 12 Williams, Nadine 'Library to honour Hanrahan's talent.'

16 April 1994: Magazine p 7 Britton, Heather 'Weird and wonderful.'

4 May 1994 p 24 Dutkiewicz, Adam 'Rare insight into artist.'

10 May 1994, p 25 Thomas, Sarah 'Bohemian Barbara ahead of her time.'

The Australian (microform) 7-8 January 1984: Weekend magazine p 5 Ward, Peter 'Seeking a writer's secret treasure in magical Thebarton.'

Periodical articles

Ash magazine no 6, Autumn 1981, pp 5-7 Laughton, Verity 'Barbara Hanrahan.'

Australian book review

November 1989, pp 3-5 Halligan, Marion 'The product of a very careful art.'

November 1989, p 5 Dunstan, Don 'Inhibitions, superstitions and traditions.'

November 1989, pp 6-7 Taylor, Andrew 'Hanrahan's double life.'

November 1989, pp 8-10 Sorensen, Rosemary 'Barbara Hanrahan: the art of the detail.'

November, 1989, pp 11-12 Walker, Brenda 'Mimicry and authority.'

November 1989, p 13 'Retrospective.'

Australian feminist studies no 15, Autumn 1992, pp 1-2 Kenneally, Catherine 'In memoriam: Barbara Hanrahan.'

Australian literary studies

Vol 11, no 1, May 1983, pp 38-46 Mott, Julie 'Interview with Barbara Hanrahan.'

Vol 11, no 1, May 1983, pp 47-57 Sykes, Alrene 'Barbara Hanrahan's novels.'

Vol 14, no 3, May 1990, pp 306-315 Sykes, Alrene 'The scent of eucalyptus: Gothic autobiography.'

Australian religion studies review vol 6, no 1, Autumn 1993, pp 1-6 Lindsay, Elaine 'Barbara Hanrahan: eyeing God.'

The Bulletin 21-28 December 1982, pp 203-206 Palmer, Jenny 'An interview with Barbara Hanrahan.'

Contemporary authors Detroit: Gale Research Co, 1962- vol 127, pp 184-185 - 'Hanrahan, Barbara.'

Island no 50, Autumn 1992, pp 8-10 Stewart, Annette 'Barbara Hanrahan 1939-1991.'

Portfolio vol 4, no 7, May 1988, pp 98-100 Gatenby, Isabelle 'Following the scent of eucalyptus.'

Quadrant vol 32, no's 1&2, January-February 1988, pp 59-65 Stewart, Annette 'Barbara Hanrahan's grotesquerie: flying mothers.'

Sam: South Australian magazine Vol 2, No 14, March 1984, pp 18,57 Chryssides, Helena 'From prints to prose.'

Southerly: the magazine of the Australian English Association Sydney vol 52, no 4, December 1992, pp 105-118 Merli, Carol and Salzman, Paul Barbara 'Hanrahan's Annie Magdalene: the inside story.'

Voices: the quarterly journal of the National Library of Australia B11281868 vol 4, no 1, Autumn 1994, pp 22-30 Dolan, David 'Parallel lives: Barbara Harvey Zerbini, Barbara Hanrahan.'

Westerly: a quarterly review vol 27, no 3, September 1982, pp 41-49 Brydon, Diana 'Barbara Hanrahan's fantastic fiction.'

Barbara Janice Hanrahan

Barbara Hanrahan c1968 B59257

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