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Government and country information: Government and Parliamentary publications and archival records

Australian state and federal governments and parliamentary publications; UN and country economic and political information.

South Australian and Australian archival records

State Records of South Australia (SRSA)

"State Records of South Australia is the government archives of South Australia and holds a large part of our state's official documentary heritage. We hold records covering almost every facet of state and local government administration within South Australia. As a result, our records provide valuable insight and knowledge about the lives of South Australians. The State Records collection holds many maps, plans, registers, films and photographs, in addition to thousands of documents dating from the earliest days of European settlement to recent times.

With ArchivesSearch you can search information about our collection of official State and Local Government records. You can also order records online for viewing at the Gepps Cross Research Centre

State Records of South Australia produces a number of fact sheets for government and the general public to help researchers access records relating to South Australian History

National Archives of Australia (NAA)

"You can visit the National Archives of Australia in all state and territory capital cities. Our head office and exhibition spaces are in Canberra, and all centres offer public reading rooms where visitors are able to examine original records. Some offices are co-located with the state or territory archives, providing one-stop public access. The Archives collection is housed in several repositories located around Australia. We offer a high standard of service as outlined in our Service charter.

The Archives' offices in Melbourne, Darwin, Adelaide and Hobart are co-located with state archival institutions, providing researchers with access to both state and Commonwealth records from shared reading rooms.

Guides to Commonwealth records in co-located offices, or relating to the relevant state or territory, assist researchers in accessing collection material. Collections in Melbourne. A Guide to Commonwealth Government Records (2003) is a guide to records held in Melbourne. Commonwealth Government Records about the Northern Territory was launched on 1 July 2011, Government Records about the Australian Capital Territory was launched in 2013, and a research guide on Tasmanian archival records will be launched in 2014".

Commonwealth government records about South Australia was released in late 2013 and can be downloaded free from the NAA website here.

RecordSearch and PhotoSearch afford glimpses into the range of resources held by the NAA and the RecordSearch Forum "is a place where you can share tips on using RecordSearch with other users, ask questions about how best to search for records, or provide feedback to the Archives on RecordSearch".

Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP)

The Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP) began in 1945 when an agreement, to copy material relating to Australia and the Pacific held in repositories in the United Kingdom, was signed by the National Library of Australia and the State Library of New South Wales.

The AJCP was probably the longest-running project of its kind in the world. It located, described and filmed thousands of classes and collections of Australian, New Zealand and Pacific records held in hundreds of institutions, organisations and homes in almost every part of Britain and Ireland. It produced and dispatched to Australia over 10,000 reels of microfilmed records dating from 1560 to 1984.

These are currently being digitised as part of a project led by the National Library of Australia. Keep an eye on the AJCP portal for further information, and to access records as they come online. 

Please note: The Library does not hold a complete set of AJCP microfilms. To view what we do hold go to the tab entitled: State Library of South Australia Holdings on the AJCP library guide.

The State Library's AJCP collection is shelved with other microfilms in the Family History area. Arrangement on the shelves is by Class (agency), then reel number. The Handbooks are shelved opposite on the bookshelves at 994 A938.

Australian Government and Parliamentary publications

Government and Parliamentary publications are an important part of the community's resources. They include reports on matters of current interest, annual reports of government agencies, legislation and regulations, and Hansard, the verbatim record of Parliament. The Library endeavours to collect a complete record of government and parliamentary material for South Australia, the majority of material for the Australian Parliament and selected items for Parliaments of other States and Territories.

GovPubs: the Australian Government Publications Guide,  a useful website put together by the National Library of Australia, details Government publications holdings in Australian State libraries. Use this site to easily ascertain the hardcopy Government publications holdings of the State Library of South Australia.

AUSTLII: Australasian Legal Information Institute


AustLII is Australia's most popular online free-access resource for Australian legal information, serving the needs of a multitude of users with over 900,000 hits daily. AustLII is a joint facility of the UTS and UNSW Faculties of Law. AustLII relies on the generosity of its contributors to operate.

AustLII maintains its own collections of primary materials: legislation and court judgements ("case law"). Some legal training or familiarity with the subject matter is sometimes required to make use of these documents. These include Commonwealth and state legislation and case law.

AustLII also has a collection of secondary materials: commentaries and summaries on the law including Australian treaties material (e.g. Australian Treaties Library) and large projects such as the Australian Indigenous Law Library, the Australasian Law Reform Library, and the Australasian Law Journals Library.

Overseas Government and Parliamentary material

The Library holds some overseas material relating to Great Britain, New Zealand and the United States of America. The Library also has a large collection of United Nations publications.

British Parliamentary Papers concerning Australia

The Library holds a facsimile collection of British Parliamentary Papers concerning Australia. They provide valuable historical sources on penal settlement in Australia as well as early correspondence relating to South Australia including the Colonization Commissioners early reports.