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Sir George Grey: Home

Information about the life of former South Australian Governor George Grey.

Sir George Grey

Sir George Grey 1812-1898
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Journal of the Historical Society of South Australia. no.7, 1980, pp.46-61. Christopher Nance. 'The destitute in early South Australia.' pp.49-53. Governor Grey and his policies

About George Grey

Captain George Grey married Eliza Lucy Spencer, daughter of Sir Richard Spencer, Government Resident at Albany, W.A. at Albany on 2 November 1839. The Greys came to South Australia in May 1841 when George Grey became Governor. Their only child, George, aged 5 months, died 25 July 1841. On 26 October 1845, George Grey left Adelaide to become Governor of New Zealand. Later Grey was appointed as Governor of Cape Colony (South Africa) then Governor of New Zealand for a second term.

Newspaper articles


26 April 1890, p. 33 cols. A-B. ‘Sir George Grey, K.C.B.’ Portrait and reference of Sir George Grey.

18 April 1891, p.33 port. 'An old South Australian Governor.' Sir George Grey K.C.B., D.C.L., L.L.D.

18 April 1891, p.34 cols. A-C. 'Demonstration in the City.’  Formal welcome to Sir George Grey, one of the delegates to the Federation Convention.

18 April 1891, p.34 cols. C-D. ‘Interview with Sir George Grey.’ Views on Federation.

18 April 1891, pp.35-36. ‘Public reception of Sir George Grey K.C.B.’

2 May 1891, p.33 col. A-B. ‘Sir George Grey.’ Visit to Prince Alfred College, then Broken Hill, and

Bungaree Station.

9 May 1891, p.33 col. C. ‘Sir George Grey.’ Visit to Port Adelaide.

16 May 1891, p.40 col. C-D. ‘Then and Now.’ A chat with Sir George Grey.


11 February 1843, p.2 col. D. ‘Captain Grey's dishonoured and returned bills.’

18 March 1843, p.3 cols. C-F. ‘Captain Grey’s Recall.’ Public meeting to petition the Home Government for Grey's recall.

22 March 1843, p.2 cols. C-F. ‘Official defence of Captain Grey from the charge of the 'Register’.'

29 October 1845, p.1 col. D. ‘Government Gazette Notices.’ Departure of His Excellency Governor Grey (26 October 1845) for New Zealand.

Southern Australian

2 April 1840, p.3 col. E. ‘The Southern Australian.’ Remarks from Capt. Grey, late Commandant of King George's Sound, on the practicality of an overland route from South Australia to Swan River.

16 April 1840, p.2 col. E. ‘Overland Route to Western Australia.’ Meeting held 7 April...Chas. Sturt, Chairman. Chas. Bonney, Secretary. Captain Grey being about to embark for England...regret his stay was so short and appreciation of his interest and support.

14 May 1841, p.2 col. C. 'Arrival of His Excellency Captain Grey.' On ship, Lord Glenelg on 10 May 1841.

14 May 1841, p.2 col. C-D. 'The South Australian Society and Captain Grey.' On his departure from Gravesend 2 January 1841 as Governor of South Australia.

4 June 1841, p.2 cols. D-E. 'Reduction of expenditure on capital works.'

4 June 1841, p.2 cols. A-C. ‘The Aborigines of South Australia.’ His Excellency Governor Grey on the natives.

27 July 1841, p.2 col. D. ‘Family Notices.’ Sunday night July 25th at 11 o'clock George, only son of His Excellency, Governor George Grey, died aged 5 months 9 days.