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Sir George Grey: Archival materials

Information about the life of former South Australian Governor George Grey.

SLSA Archival materials

Angas, George Fife. PRG 174 (PRG 174/ 22 Copies of correspondence between George Fife Angas and Captain George Grey 1840-1864.)

Davenport Family. PRG 40 (PRG 40/ 88/ 6-10 Letters to Robert Davenport.)

Dutton, Francis Stacker. D 7303 (L) Letters from Lady Grey 1847-1850 in New Zealand to Francis Stacker Dutton in South Australia. An explanatory note about the four letters by Garry J. Tee is included. Transcript available. Typescript. Original letters held in Auckland Public Library, New Zealand, in the George Grey Collection.

Eyre, Edward John. PRG 177 (PRG 177/ 2/ 90-103 - Letters to Edward Bates Scott. Eyre's distrustful attitude and fear that he has offended the Governor; microfilm)

Gawler Family. PRG 50 (PRG 50/ 6/ 2 Letter from E.J. Eyre. Eyre's impressions of Grey's character and the quiet life led by him at Government House)

Grey, George, Sir. D 3048 (L) Letters to Mr. H. George from Rt. Hon. Sir George Grey 1881-1892. Re New Zealand; Grey expresses appreciation of George's land tax theories. Supplied by courtesy New York Public Library; see also George, Henry. Copies of letters...op.cit.

Grey, George, Sir. D 7063 (L) Letter written by Governor George Grey to the Zoologist John Edward Gray of the British Museum and author of the Zoological appendix to Grey's Western Australian exploration journals, published the previous year. The letter describes fauna specimens of South Australia and fossils, shells and geology. 19 July 1842.

The Grey Papers. D 7063 (L) (Personal) Letters from Adelaide. Contents list: includes letters from George Grey to his aunt 23/5/1844 describing his work of reconstruction in South Australia. 4pp.; and to his uncle 16/1/1845 describing the social state of South Australia on his arrival and the improvements he was endeavouring to make. 8pp.

Grey, George, Sir. D8344 (Misc) Letters Patent appointing Captain George Grey as Governor of South Australia, 28 December 1840.

Grey, Henry George, Earl. PRG 184 Papers of 3rd Earl Grey being correspondence with South Australian Governors, including Sir George Grey. (Microfilm.)

Henderson, George Cockburn. PRG 6 Notebooks 1891-1944. PRG 6/ 4/ 23-26 Administration in New Zealand and literary work. PRG 6/ 4/ 51-81 Various aspects of George Grey. PRG 6/ 25 Letters from Lady Eliza Grey to Margaret Watts.

Herschel, William, John Frederick. Letter dated 27 December 1841 written to Captain George Grey relating to Grey's book. Also writes about Grey's interest in Aboriginal dialects and land surveys. D 7302 (L)

Kerr, Donald. Sir George Grey and Australia. D 7327 (T) Research paper 1997. Text of talk given in Adelaide on Grey's early exploration experiences in Western Australia and time in Adelaide by Donald Kerr, Rare Books Librarian at Auckland Central City Library, currently working on PhD on Sir George Grey as a book collector.

Mahony, Eliza Sarah. ca. 1879-1909. PRG 1146 Newspaper cuttings. pp.14-18: details on Grey's career at time of his return to Adelaide after about 50 years

May Family. PRG 131 (PRG 131/ 2 Diary and letters of Miss Margaret May (28/5/1843 - 13 /8/1845), including opinions on the Greys after their visit to 'Fairfield' at Mount Barker. Transcript.)

Mundy, Alfred Miller. D 5483 (L) Correspondence of Alfred Miller Mundy and his wife, Jane, nee Hindmarsh, chiefly with his relatives, Edward Miller Mundy, Admiral Sir George Mundy, and Sir John Hindmarsh, and also with Sir George and Lady Grey. (Note: item list in 'D' box, correspondence on microfilm.)

Parker, Ferdinand Lucas. PRG 108 Clerk of House Of Assembly, President & Secretary of Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, SA branch. Notes re Sir George Grey.

Ridley, John. PRG 1043

Grey's letter from Auckland to Miss Ridley eulogizing her father, John Ridley. PRG 1043/ 1/ 6

Sturt, Charles 1795 -1869 PRG 2/ 1/ 25 Charles Sturt letter to Sir Ralph Darling, among other topics describing the policies of Gawler and Grey. 25 January 1843. PRG 2/ 13 Letters from Capt. Sturt.

Thomas, Godfrey John, Sir. (private secretary to Sir George Grey) PRG 479 Letters and journal of Sir Godfrey Thomas. 1844-1853. Microfilm. Note: requests for copying to The Director, National Archives, New Zealand.

Warren, George. PRG 1192/1 Letter from George Warren to his uncle in Scotland. Copy. Criticism of Grey's administration.

Newspaper Cuttings. vol.2 p.9. Lake Eliza in the South East named after Lady Eliza Grey. Relating to Lady Grey, and state of son's grave. (Ask at Information Desk.)

Newspaper Cuttings. vol.2 p.24. Lady Grey's portrait discovered. (Ask at Information Desk.)

Note: Within the State Library of South Australia you may also wish to search the catalogues of the Library of the Royal Geographical Society of South Australia. The holdings of the Library are not included in the listings above.

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