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Max Fatchen: Newspaper articles

A guide to the life and works of Max Fatchen.

Newspaper articles about Max

The Advertiser (microform)

2 June 1955 p.2. 'Adelaide's humorous philosopher returns.' Max Fatchen joins the staff of Advertiser Newspapers Limited.

26 May 1959 p.3. 'Facing up to the demand.' Popularity of Max Fatchen's book 'Facing up with Fatchen.'

26 May 1959 p.2. 'Facing up with Fatchen.' Max Fatchen's comments on his book.

26 January 1980 p.6. Jacobs, Michael. 'Behind the buffoon, another Max.' Maxwell Edgar Fatchen made a Member of the Order of Australia.

26 January 1980 p. 7 'Australia Day honors : 13 AM awards for S.A.'

28 October 1980 p.3. 'As the suburbs sleep Max puts life into prose.'

4 April 1981 p. 25. 'In loving memory of myself.'

10 March 1984 p. 18. 'Fatchen books may go on international T.V.'

28 April 1984 p. 3. 'Columnists' books are selling out.'

3 August 1984 p.1. Colquhoun, Des. 'Thank you, Max, for everything.' Max Fatchen retires today.

4 August 1984 p.38. 'Farewell Mr. Fatchen.'

28 October 1991 p.8. Clausen, Lisa. 'Mighty Murray set for more stardom.' 'The River Kings', a four-part ABC Mini-series, will premiere on November 10.

31 January 1992 p.8. 'Awards for eight in SA.' Max Fatchen is one of the recipients of the Advance Australia Awards for 1991.

13 October 1995 p.5. Hurrell, Bronwyn. 'Max's musings make the most of life.' Launch of his latest book 'Mostly Max.'

29 November 1996 p.2. 'Former 'Tiser writer honored' (sic). Max Fatchen is a recipient of a Walkley Award.


Mount Barker Courier

13 April 1960 pp. 1-3. 'Efficient organisation keynote to success: the three-day Mount Barker Cream Bowl Festival.' Highlight of the afternoon was the 'Crowning of the Winning Cow' by Max Fatchen. Includes poem to the cow, and pictures of Mr. Fatchen kissing the cow and the milk-maid.

Newspaper articles by Max

The Advertiser (microform)

7 November 1964 p. 25. 'S.A. inventor of first tank was unlucky.'

17 December 1966 p. 13. 'Prince of antique dealers retires.'

17 February 1968 p. 13. 'Captain who looked after poor migrants.'

19 October 1968 p. 19. 'The remarkable Mrs. Stegar : now more than 80, she's having her first book published.'

17 June 1971 p. 3. 'Cartoonist of Moonta's 'Cousin Jacks' [Oswald Pryor].'

3 November 1973 p. 22. 'Lens on Lake Pedder.'

27 October 1975 p. 4. 'Book has new and startling insights for women.'

16 October 1976 p. 31. 'SA-born poet wins award.'

24 April 1976 p. 22. 'Meet the River Murray.'

7 October 1976 p. 4. 'Where the wide sails spread.'

16 July 1976 p. 5. 'Tom Ronan - a man who loved the North.'

26 October 1976 p. 4. 'A bloke for all seasons.'

22 October 1977 p. 5. 'Odyssey of patched pants'

17 December 1983 p. 2. 'Good times on the West Coast.'

22 October 1983 p. 2. 'A man and his love ...'

10 December 1983 p. 2. 'A tugboatman signs off.'

29 October 1983, p. 2 'Happiness, health - and few pranks - at sea.'

3 December 1983 p. 2. 'Quakes and hard times.'

16 July 1983 p. 2. 'River days remembered.'

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