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South Australians of World War 1 : Share their story: How you can contribute

How you can contribute


You can help add to the State Library's collection of World War I material by providing information about the existing photos in our South Australians of World War I group on Flickr, by uploading your own photographs, donating material to our archives or recording an oral history for us. Information on donating records can be found on the make a donation tab.

Already on Flickr?

If you already have a Flickr account, visit the South Australians of World War I group  and click on "Join This Group" (see below).


Then, log into Flickr, click the blue JOIN THIS GROUP button and you're in. You'll then be able to submit images to our group.

Recommended standards for digitising

With a free Flickr account, you can upload photos up to 30MB in size. If you have a Pro account, you can upload photos up to 50MB.

Flickr officially supports JPEGs, non-animated GIFs, and PNGs. You can also upload TIFs and some other file types, but they will automatically be converted to and stored in JPEG format.

As you publish photos, they're compressed and resized by Flickr (if necessary) in the following sizes:

  • 75x75 pixels square
  • 150x150 pixels square
  • 100 pixels (on the longest side)
  • 240 pixels
  • 320 pixels
  • 500 pixels
  • 800 pixels *
  • Large (which will be 1024 pixels if it exceeds that length)
  • 1600 pixels *
  • 2048 pixels *
  • The original size (if you have a pro account)

To access all of these sizes for a photo, click the "All Sizes" link on the individual photo page.

If you have a pro account, Flickr also stores your high-resolution originals, which can be downloaded at anytime as long as you remain Pro. Anyone can access public photos and download the high-resolution (original) size from a Pro account, unless you limit access to the downloadable image.

* These sizes are only available for images uploaded since March 1, 2012.

For more information on uploading videos to Flickr, access their help page.

Not a flickr user?

To contribute images or stories to the South Australians of World War I group, all you need to do is create a free Flickr account by following the prompts online.

Take the Flickr tour and learn about the different things that you can do with Flickr.

Flickr "how-to" videos