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Lost Adelaide: West End: Walking tour: Forwood Down Foundry

Looks at some of the sites in Adelaide's West End and traces the history of the buildings on those sites and their uses.

An Adelaide Ironmaster: fifty years of business

An article in The Register of 1 March 1915 looked back on 'An Adelaide Ironmaster: fifty years of business. It begins:

'It is not often that in a young country like this a commercial man is able to boast of having spent 60 years in one business, and of having climbed from the bottom to the top of it. Such a man, however, is Mr. W. W. Forwood, managing director of Forwood, Down, &: Co., Limited, the widely known firm of engineers and iron-founders. Today Mr. Forwood celebrates the jubilee of his connection with the Colonial Ironworks at Hindley street. He entered the works on March 1, 1885 as an apprentice. Mr. Forwood's life story is deeply interesting, and is an object lesson in what knowledge, perseverance and pluck can accomplish.'

Premises of Forwood Down & Co.

Premises of Forwood Down & Co., 199 Hindley Street, showing one of its tanks chained to a tractor vehicle awaiting delivery ca 1930.
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Forwood Down workers

Forwood Down works picnic at Belair National Park c.1900. Find more information about this image here