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Centenary of ANZAC projects: Datasets

The State Library of South Australia (SLSA) is honouring the memory of those who served at the front lines on World War 1 and on the home front, through a series of projects.

World War 1 related datasets

The South Australian Government recognises the economic, social and environmental potential of releasing government data; and has created a website to allow the public to locate openly licensed data so they can create new ideas and applications. Data that is released must be available online, free, published using agreed open standards and openly licensed for commercial and other re-use. The State Library has contributed four datasets for access through Data.SA.

Heroes of the Great War Chronicle Newspaper 1915-1919. This data set of 9779 notices includes the reference (date, page and column) within The Chronicle, brief biographical details including name, age, rank, battalion and occasionally place of death. Also included are names of relatives and place of residence in South Australia by street address, suburb or town. Some obituaries within The Chronicle have portraits, although included in this data set, a separate data set has been created for those entries that have portraits.

Heroes of the Great War Chronicle Newspaper Portraits 1915-1919. This is a subset of the Heroes of the Great War data limited to those entries (2956) that contain a portrait.

South Australians of World War 1 Photographs Flickr set . A selection (543) of portraits of soldiers. This set of portraits comes from our Chamberlain Collection and includes portraits of Soldiers prior to embarkation in studios and at various military camps in South Australia.

South Australian Photographs World War 1 1914-1929. Content includes portraits of soldiers, marches, camps, group shots, on location in the Dardanelles, and Western front, activities on the home front eg Cheer Up Societies, memorial dedications, captured albums eg captured German and Turkish images.

WW1 Hack

WW1 hack

In July 2015 the Library participated in WW1 Hack, initiated by the State Library of New South Wales. WW1 Hack was designed to  bring together a community of creators to engage with digitised World War One collections, to create new ways of thinking about the War and its legacy.

The WW1 Hack coincided with two international gatherings of digital humanities expertise: Linked Open Data in Libraries Archives and Museums Summit and Global Digital Humanities Conference.

The Library has released the South Australian Red Cross Information Bureau data.

Centenary of ANZAC: Contact

For more information, contact the project manager:

Andrew Piper
Manager, Online Services
+61 8 8207 7357