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Centenary of ANZAC projects: Exhibitions

The State Library of South Australia (SLSA) is honouring the memory of those who served at the front lines on World War 1 and on the home front, through a series of projects.


treasures wallDuring 2014-2018, the State Library will host a number of exhibitions relating to WW1. These will include exhibitions of our own material, such as an Centenary of Anzac 1914 to 1918 in April 2015 and exhibitions from external exhibitors such as the Red Cross Women in War.

A number of exhibitions in our Treasures Wall have featured items from our collections relating to South Australians during World War 1 such as paintings, maps, photographs, pages from original journals, and even realia such as a boot polish tin used to store letters and telegrams to a from a soldier and his family.

Take a look at some selected WW1 Treasures from the State Library's collections.

Centenary of ANZAC: Contact

For more information, contact the project manager:

Andrew Piper
Manager, Online Services
+61 8 8207 7357