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South Australians of World War 1 : Share their story: Unidentified Soldiers

Unidentified Soldiers

The South Australians of WW1 flickr group contains many photographs of soldiers that we have been unable to identify. If you have any information about any of these soldiers please leave us a message on Flickr or email us. We are especially keen to make contact with relatives.

Here's a small selection.

To see more, please visit

B 46130/541

B46130_541 Sergeant Tilbrook

Group of 5 soldiers of the Australian Imperial Force of World War 1. One is identified only as Sergeant Tilbrook but no other identifying information is known.

B 46130/205 Pascoe

B46130_205 Pascoe

This South Australian WWI soldier is only known to us by his name above.

B 46130/387 Mounted Soldier

B46130_387 Mounted soldier

This South Australian WWI mounted soldier is unidentified.