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Acknowledging your State Library of South Australia sources: Home

This guide shows you how to acknowledge your State Library of South Australia sources, and gives further information about copyright, publishing and ordering copies from our collections.

Getting started

The Style manual for authors, editors and printers is the standard Australian publication which explains how to create references to published sources and a host of other useful details. Some publishers may have their own style guides. The books of South Australian historians, such as Peter Donovan, Helen Jones, Rob Linn, Susan Marsden and Robert Nicol show how these methods are put into practice.

There are also many useful referencing guides available on the internet. Universities often provide excellent guides. For example,

The University of Adelaide's Referencing guides

The University of South Australia's Referencing Roadmap

Flinders University's Referencing

Acknowledging your State Library of South Australia sources

Best practice for researchers and writers, whether working on family history or university study, is to create accurate references to sources of information and illustrations used during research, and then ensure that those references also appear in any subsequent publication. Accurate references are important so that the authors or owners of material are properly identified, and so that other people can locate the same sources again.

References are also an appropriate way of acknowledging the role that institutions like the State Library play in preserving the state's cultural heritage. Indeed, it is a condition of being granted permission to publish material from the State Library's collections that the Library is acknowledged. Where in doubt about the correct form of acknowledgement, consult with staff at the Information Desk or email us.

Standard abbreviations

References will often include abbreviations to avoid repetition and save space. SLSA is the correct abbreviation to use for the State Library of South Australia. The most abbreviated form of reference should include the acronym for the State Library of South Australia and for unpublished material should include the unique number or location of the material. Example: SLSA: D 7038. Any publication using abbreviations should also provide an explanation of what they mean at the beginning or end of the publication.