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Multicultural heritage: Germans in South Australia

This guide shows the wealth of information available about Chinese, Scottish and German people in early South Australian history.

Newspaper articles to read in the Library

As newspapers in general are poorly served by indexes, this guide lists newspaper references taken from various in-house indexes. However, the list should be regarded as a select guide only as the references are not comprehensive. There are a number of historical newspaper indexes available online. For selected South Australian newspapers and magazines between 1837 and 1937 see the Manning Index of South Australian History.

Adelaide Times

21 Feb 1850, p.3 col. B 'German Post.' Letter to the editor

27 March 1850, p.3 cols. C, D. 'German newspaper.' German company to form to establish a newspaper in their own language.

13 July 1850, p.3 col. A. 'A meeting of the committee German hospital.'

18 Nov 1850, p.3 col. C. New German paper started at Tanunda, edited by Mr. Steinthal.

19 Nov 1850, p.3 col. C. Sud Australische Zeitung...advocating the appointment of a German interpreter at the law courts.

18 Dec 1850, p.3 col. C; 21.12.1850 p.5 col.f German Company commenced operations by purchasing some sections in the neighbourhood of Gawler Town..... 'Bucksfelde.'

20 Jan 1851, p.3 col. B. Meeting of the committee to consider thirteen plans submitted. German Hospital

16 Jan 1851, p.3 col. C. The German colonists have formed two political associations.

13 Feb 1851, p.3 col. B; 26.2.1851 p.3 col. A. The representation of the Germans.

22 Feb 1851, p.2 col. F; 5.3.1851 p.3 col. C. Electoral campaign against Mr. Dutton. German Colonists

29 March 1851, p.3 col. C. East Adelaide election: meeting of German electors.

27 Aug 1855, p.2 col. F. German Club - convened the meeting of the German colonists.

10 Sept 1855, p.3 col. D. To the Germans of North Adelaide.

4 May 1857, p.2 cols. D, E. German immigration-petition for assistance.

8 June 1857, p.2 cols. D, E. The debate on German immigration subsidies.

12 June 1857, p.2 col. F. 'To the editor of the Times...' Letter regarding German immigration by an Anglican minister.

1 May 1858, pp.2-3. 'A public meeting was recently held in Sydney...' German immigration


6 Nov 1875, p.6 cols. A-D. 'The destitute German immigrants - extraordinary disclosures.'

5 Oct 1880, p.6 col. E. Opening of the new German Club hall.

13 Feb 1882, p.6. 'The German colonists.'

2 Nov 1916, p.7 col. E. 'German in schools.' Bill to prohibit its teaching.

15 Nov 1916, p.1 cols. A-B Views and comments - German names.

Barossa News

3 Oct 1919, p.3 col. D Attitude of returned soldiers at Angaston.


28 Oct 1876, p.12 col. E. 'Arrival of German immigrants.'

12 Jan 1878, p.11 cols. B, C. 'New German club-house and theatre.'

29 Jan 1916, p.13 col. E. 'German conversation through the telephone.'

18 Nov 1916, p.37 col. B. 'Changing names. Heroes honoured at Petersburg.'

5 July 1924, p.32 col. A. 'The pioneer German Cemetery: an historical field.' By the Rev. John Blacket.

Daily Herald

2 Nov 1916, p.8. 'Wiping out the German flavour.' Committee's report. Nomenclature.

Mercury and Sporting Chronicle

26 July 1851, p.977. ill. The German and British Hospital.

Mount Barker Courier

29 Aug 1935, p.1 col. G. 'Why German names should be restored: Historical significance.'

3 Oct 1935, p.1 col. F. 'Righting a wrong: old names return.'

31 Oct 1935, p.2 col. E. 'Restoration of German names: protest recorded.'

7 Nov 1935, p.1 col. E. 'Hahndorf residents thank government.'


16 Sept 1843, p.6. 'Public meeting in aid of the German mission to the aborigines.'

22 June 1850, p.3 col. B. 'The land so generously given by Osmond Gilles as a site for the German Hospital.'

11 Oct 1857, p.7 col. C. German literature in the Institute Library [to the editor by Germans]

18 April 1857, p.7 cols. F-G; 6.6.1857 p.5 cols. F-G. 'To the editor...' German immigration...letter by Rudolf Reimer.

13 June 1857, supplement p.1 col. G - p.2 col. C. 'Mr Dawes...'

15 Aug 1857, p.6 cols. E, F. Editorial. 'German naturalisation.'

20 July 1861, supplement p.3 col. G. 'German Club.' Anniversary festivity.

21 Dec 1861, p.5 col. D. 'Torchlight farewell to Governor.'

21 Oct 1871, p.10. 'German peace festival.'

26 Dec 1874, p.8 col. A. 'Sud Australische Zeitung and the Australische Zeitung.'

13 July 1878, p.21 'The German immigrants at Hamley Bridge.'

24 Aug 1878, p.22 cols. D, E. The German Club was founded on July 15, 1854.

24 Aug 1878, p.22 cols. D, E. 'The new German Clubhouse, the South Australian Deutsche Gesellschaft.'

14 April 1900, p.35 col. A. 'The first German settlement.'


8 June 1839, p.2 cols. B, C. 'The Germans.'

2 Nov 1844, p.3 col. A. 'German emigration to South Australia.'

3 Sept 1855, p.2 col. B; p.3 col. A. 'To the editor; by a septuagenarian Briton.' German rights - editorial.

17 July 1915, p.3 col. H. 'German journalism in South Australia: arguments against German language paper published in Adelaide.'

South Australian

20 March 1839, p.3 col. E. 'Land for German Hospital.'

18 Aug 1843, p.2; 17.3.1846 p.3. 'The German Community.'

8 April 1845, p.2 col. E. 'German emigration to South Australia.'

Sunday Mail

25 Sept 1977, pp.50,135. 'Settlers seen in a new light.' Religious motives a myth. By John Kirby.

2 Oct 1977, pp.136-7. 'The Germans; the state's first nationalists.' Dr Richard Schomburgk, Martin Basedow, F.E. Krichauff, Uberich Hubbe, Theo Scherk.

27 July 1980, pp.44-45. Reschke, William. 'The sickening Nazi hunt that swept the Barossa.'

See also German-language newspapers, and Der Kamerad (a weekly periodical issued by Germans interned on Torrens Island during the war of 1914-1918). June 12-June 26, 1915. microfilm.

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You can read digitised newspaper articles about Germans in South Australia online through the National Library of Australia's Historic Australian Newspapers website.

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