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Electoral Rolls: Using the Electoral Rolls

Australian Electoral Rolls (Commonwealth) all States and Territories

Using electoral rolls

Until 1988 electoral rolls were compiled within electoral districts, so if the district for the person you are searching is not known, you will have to look at every electorate. 

For the years 1988 to January 2008 a single alphabetical listing for the whole state was also compiled, making searching a lot easier.

Unfortunately the Australian Electoral Commission no longer produces this alphabetical statewide list. Also, neither the Federal nor State Electoral Commissions make copies available to libraries anymore, due to ‘legislative changes’.

Current electoral rolls are now only available at an Electoral Office.

The Commonwealth of Australia 1901-1988 electoral distributions atlas contains maps of electoral districts. A more recent guide to electoral boundaries is also available at the Information Desk. Current Commonwealth electoral boundaries/maps are shown on the Electoral Commission website, as well as for Federal elections back to 2001. The State Electoral boundaries for 2014-18 and 2018-22 can be found on the Electoral Commission SA website.

When using the rolls, 'Division' refers to the Federal electoral district, and 'Subdivision' refers to the State electoral district. The printed rolls are usually bound in Divisions, with up to six different alphabetical name sequences within each subdivision. For example the Division of Kingston in SA in 1970 includes the subdivisions of Brighton, Glenelg, Hanson South and Mawson. Sometimes the subdivisions are bound individually.

Until 1984 occupations of voters were included on the South Australian electoral roll.

Guides to use in conjunction with the electoral rolls are: A guide & index to South Australian electoral rolls on microfiche, 1884-1913 and South Australia electoral rolls, 1852-1904: a user's guide. The AEC's Electoral pocket book is kept at the Information Desk.

Anxious voters viewing election results outside the Register newspaper office in Grenfell Street, 1906.

PRG 280/1/7/281

Electoral Commission SA

General searches of the current Electoral Rolls can be made at this office.


Level 6, 60 Light Square
SA 5000
GPO Box 646

Adelaide, SA 5001


1300 655 232 (within SA only)
+61 8 7424 7400


+61 8 7424 7444

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm


Electoral Commission SA - gives valuable information about enrolment, voting, electoral boundaries, elections and parties and candidates. You are able to undertake electoral roll searches for names other than your own on the current roll.

Australian Electoral Commission

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) holds the current Australian electoral roll. 

According to their website, the current electoral rolls (electronic version) are available for public inspection, however you cannot copy or photograph any information with a device.


9th Floor, AMP Building
1 King William Street
Adelaide SA 5000
Reply Paid 1748
Adelaide SA 5001


13 23 26


(08) 8237 6584


Australian Electoral Commission has information on Australian electoral history.  This website also allows you to check your own electoral information and undertake an electorate search.  Please note you are unable to access actual rolls via the website.