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Family History Starter Guide: Websites

For those new to family history and the State Library of South Australia collection, or for those needing a few tips and tricks

South Australia


Each state has websites specific to their collections and resources.  Below are just a few links in case your search leads you interstate.



Websites and your family history

Over the last few years the amount of family history information available via the Internet has increased at a rate never seen before and there is more being added every day by organisations and individuals. Websites specifically dedicated to genealogy are now becoming the norm. On this page are just a few of the organisations and search subjects that you may find helpful. 

Remember however, that just because you cannot find something on the Internet it does not mean that it does not exist.  Many institutions and organisations have not digitised their collections and you may still have to search for answers beyond the digital realm.

NB. some websites require you to subscribe to access their information. Check with your local library as many libraries now subscribe to popular genealogy databases.

Beginning your family history

Searching for SA births, deaths & marriages from home

In March 2012 Genealogy SA published extracts from the South Australian births, deaths and marriages online. The information is equivalent to indexes published online by most Australian states. Information about these and other databases can be found at the Genealogy SA website.

The full indexes are available on CDROM and available in the State Library of South Australia, many public libraries and other state libraries across Australia. The State Library is open daily, but if you are unable to visit, we invite you to submit a query via our Ask Us Service.

South Australian immigration

Home access to databases

The State Library of South Australia has developed a range of Library Guides which will guide you in the use of our resources as well as other websites and online resources specific to the topic of each library guide. These Library Guides can be accessed from home.

The State Library also provides free home access to some of the family history databases including 'Nineteenth Century British Newspapers', and 'The Times Digital Archive'. Register online to access these databases in the privacy of your own home.

Online magazines