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Census and muster records: Australia

A guide to the State Library of South Australia census and muster records for SA, Australia and the UK

New South Wales


Census The Paracensus of Australia 1788-1828 (interim)/ [edited by] James Hugh Donohoe.Family History Coll. 929.394 P221 b 1788-1828 paper
Musters Musters and lists, New South Wales and Norfolk Island, 1800-1802 / edited by Carol J. Baxter.
Family History Coll. 929.394 M991
1800-1802 paper
Musters Musters of New South Wales and Norfolk Island, 1805-1806 / edited by Carol J. Baxter.
Family History Coll. 929.394 M99
1805-1806 paper
Musters General muster and land and stock muster of New South Wales 1822 / edited by Carol J. Baxter.
Family History Coll. 929.3944 G326
1822 paper
Musters General muster list of New South Wales 1823, 1824, 1825 / edited by Carol J. Baxter.
Family History Coll 929.3944 G326
1823, 1824, 1835 paper
Census Census of New South Wales, November 1828 / edited by Malcolm R. Sainty & Keith A. Johnson. [Personal names]
Family History Coll. 929.3944 C396
November 1828 paper

Northern Territory

Census 1901 census of the Northern Territory of Australia [microform] / compiled by members of the Genealogical Society of the Northern Territory from original records held at the Australian Archives Darwin. . [Personal names]
Family Hist. Fiche NT/Cens/2
1901 microform


Musters Land musters, stock returns and lists, Van Diemen's Land 1803-1822 / edited by Irene Schaffer.
Family History Coll. 994.602 L253
1803-1822 paper

Western Australia

Census A colony detailed: the first census of Western Australia, 1832 / edited and annotated by Ian Berryman. [Personal names]
Storage 319.41 C719
1832 paper
Census Census, 1837, Western Australia: extracted from volume 58 of inward correspondence of the Colonial Secretary's Office of Western Australia, by staff of the Battye Library. [Personal names]
Family History Coll. 929.3941 C396