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SAILIS: South Australian Integrated Land Information System: Home

Land Title records


SAILIS is the database of digitised South Australian land title records post the Real Property (Torrens Title) Act of 1858.

The database was created largely for internal use by the South Australian Land Titles Office, which was sold to a private company in 2018.

Searching is free and copies of most original land title documents for the period 1858-1992 may be viewed, copied and down loaded for personal study and research.

SAILIS home page

Land Title


Search for ‘sailis’ in your search engine

Click on the 'Access as a guest user' link at bottom of screen:

At the top toolbar hover over Image search and from the drop down list select Historical Name Index Search:


On the search page type the first letter of the surname you are searching in the ‘First character’ box:


(You may search in blocks of years for the period 1858-1975 inclusive, by selecting a date range in the ‘Year’ box using the side arrow.)


If you are looking for a land title under a company or government body use the side arrow in the ‘Type’ box to change this from ‘Private’ (default) to ‘Company/Government. Note: The Company/Government search option is only available from 1878 onwards.


Click the grey ‘Search’ button at left.


This will bring up a spreadsheet, eg:

You will need to guess whereabouts in the alphabet your search name is and click a ‘Select’ button in the left hand column, going back and forth until you find the index page containing the name you want,

eg A surname such as ‘Baker’ will be near the top of the spreadsheet for ‘B’ and a name like ‘Burger’ will be near the bottom.


Clicking on the ‘Select’ button will open a digital image of the original Land Titles index books with entries such as this:


These entries tell us that there is a land title record for Giles Abbott’s property at Part Section 108, Hundred of Goolwa. It is a title certificate (‘C’) and appears in the register books at Volume 9 (Roman numeral ‘IX’) and folio (page) number 104.

The second entry in the example above tells us that William Abbott was the recipient of a piece of land Transfer (‘T’) for Lot 4 in the surveyed township of ‘Saltia’, and the title appears in Volume 36 (Roman numeral XXXVI) on page 240.


Make a note of the volume and page numbers and return to the search screen.

From the top orange toolbar hover over Image Search and select Title Image Search.


The search screen default for ‘Register’ is ‘CT’ (certificate of title).

Type the volume and folio (page) numbers into the two boxes.

eg for Giles Abbott type volume 9, folio 104:

Click the 'Search' button.

On the next screen you may type a number into the Customer Reference box – this is optional and only for your own record - perhaps if you are doing several searches and wish to number them.

You must agree to the Terms and Conditions by clicking in the lower box.

Click the Confirm Order button.

A digital scan of the land title document will automatically download – if not, select the ‘Download as a PDF’ link:

The land title image may be copied, saved or printed for research purposes.


The land title contains various pieces of information, sometimes including the volume and folio numbers of related certificates of title, eg when a subdivision has occurred, a portion of the land has been acquired for a road etc.