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Adoption, fostering and child welfare in South Australia: Newspaper and periodical articles

How to find information about adoption, fostering and children in institutional care, online and at the State Library of South Australia.

Newspaper articles

Newspaper articles

Australian historic newspapers may be searched for free on the Trove website

The Advertiser
25 September 1924, p.12 col. E. 'State Children's Council.' Annual report; 1,783 children under control.
29 January 1876, p.5 cols. C-D. 'Neglected children.'
1 June 1878, p.10 cols. C-D. 'Children's Hospital.'
12 January 1889, p.35 col. E. 'The Day Nursery.' 215 King William Street.
30 September 1893, p.31 col. E. 'Our waifs and strays.' A visit to the Girls' Reformatory at Plympton and Boys' Home at Thebarton.
2 June 1894, p.16 col. E. 'Children's Convalescent Hospital, Glenelg.' Anglican; formal opening; to be run by Sisters of the Church.
4 April 1896, p.44 col. E. 'South Australian Creche.' Meeting of Committee and friends.
25 July 1896, p.43 col. C. 'St. Vincent de Paul Orphanage.' 15 month review.
15 August 1896, pp.41-42. 'The new Adelaide Creche.' Laying of foundation stone by Mrs Corbin. Procession of 2,500 'Sunbeams'; tributes to 'Uncle Harry.'
18 August 1900, p.30 col. A. 'Orphan Home for Girls. Carrington Street.'
1 September 1900, p.30 col. B. 'A probationary home for children.'
25 November 1911, p.41 cols. C-D. 'The hand of help.' The late Miss C. E. Clark. includes photograph and summary of the work of Caroline Emily Clark helping State children.
20 March 1866, p.2 col. C. Editorial. 'Pauper children.'
7 September 1866, p.2 col. E. 'Industrial and Reformatory schools.'
27 October 1882, supp. p.1 cols. A-C. 'Adelaide Children's Hospital.'
12 February 1890, p.4 col. H. 'State Children's Council.' Duty of parent to contribute to upkeep of children.

Further newspaper articles may be identified by using the Manning index to South Australian history, especially:
Adelaide – Destitution – Children
South Australia - Social matters – Children and youths

Periodical articles and annual reports

Alternative Law Journal vol.17, no.4, August 1992, pp.166-168. 'State versus parent: whither the child.'

Anglican Child Care Services Adelaide, S. Aust. Annual report 1979-1987. (This includes governance of the former Church of England Boys' Home Walkerville, Orphan Home Adelaide and, St. Mary's Home for Children. These may all be searched individually in the Library catalogue.)

Anglican Community Services Adelaide, S. Aust. Child Care Division. Annual report. (Continues: Anglican Child Care Services Adelaide.)

Children's Home Walkerville, S. Aust. Report.

Church of England Boys' Home Walkerville, S. Aust. Annual report.

Federated Protestant Children's Homes S. Aust. Annual report of the Board of Management of the Federated Protestant Children's Homes incorporated. (Morialta Children's Home)

The Honorary Magistrate
July 1907, pp.155-159. Paris Nesbit. 'Custody of children.'

July 1915, pp.607-610. 'State children - their committal and treatment.' Lists eight institutions proclaimed: State Children's Department; Industrial School; (Protestant) Boys' Reformatory - Magill; Roman Catholic Boys' Reformatory - Brooklyn Park; Girls Reformatory - Redruth; (Salvation Army) Boys' Probationary School and Girls' Probationary School; and Methodist Home.

Journal of the Historical Society of South Australia vol.10, 1982, pp.86-89. Brian Dickey. 'Care of dependent children in South Australia in 1888.'

Morialta Protestant Children's Homes Incorporated. Annual report 1929-1971 Continues: Federated Protestant Children's Homes S. Aust.

Morialta Children's Homes Incorporated. Annual report 1972-1975. Continues: Morialta Protestant Children's Homes Incorporated.

Morialta Trust Incorporated. Annual report 1976-1995. Continues: Morialta Children's Homes Incorporated. Morialta Children's Home, Norton Summit.

Oral History Association of Australia journal no. 17, 1995, pp. 86-97. Beth Robertson. 'Orphaned in South Australia: oral histories about growing up at Goodwood Orphanage.'

Orphan Home for the Reception and Training of Orphan Girls Adelaide, S. Aust. The Orphan Home for the Reception and Training of Orphan Girls Report 3rd - 46th, 1862-1906 (imperfect).

Orphan Home Adelaide Inc. The Orphan Home Adelaide Incorporated. Annual report 47th - 119th, 1907-1978 (incomplete, title varies). Merged with: Church of England Boys' Home (Walkerville) Annual report, and St. Mary's Home for Children. Annual report for year ended..., to become: Anglican Child Care Services (Adelaide).

Pivot: a journal of South Australian education vol. 5 no. 2, 1978, pp. 40-43. Robert J. Wyatt. 'The Adelaide Children's Hospital School.' Commenced 1930; includes reference to Estcourt House.

The South Australian Public Service Review October 1947, pp. 8-10. 'Government Institutions' No.6. Seaforth House, Somerton.

St. Mary's Mission of Hope Adelaide Annual report 19th - 31st, 1941-1953 (imperfect).

St. Mary's Home for Children Adelaide Annual report St. Mary's Home for Children Incorporated, Church of England home for preschool children. 32nd - 39th, 1954-1961.

St. Mary's Home for Children Adelaide Annual report for year ended... 42nd - 56th, 1965-1978. (Merged with: Church of England Boys' Home, Walkerville. Annual report; and Orphan Home Adelaide Inc. Annual report; to become: Anglican Child Care Services, Adelaide, Annual report)

Wanslea Incorporated. Annual report 1946/47- 1988. Wanslea Home for children.

Goodwood Orphanage

Children outside the Goodwood Orphanage 1920. PRG 280/1/19/78.

Parliamentary papers

Acts of the Parliament of South Australia Act no. 26 (1872) - The Destitute Persons Relief and Industrial and Reformatory Schools Act allowed parents to surrender children to the care of the Destitute Board, allowing the Board to place the children in institutions or apprenticeships.

Other relevant acts include:

- Children's Protection Act (1993)

- Children's Services Act (1985) plus amendments

- Family and Community Services Act (1972).

- South Australian Parliamentary Paper no. 91 (1867). Report of the Select Committee of the Legislative Council on the destitute poor; together with minutes of evidence and appendix.

- South Australian Parliamentary Paper no. 228 (1885). Second and final report of Commission appointed to report on the Destitute Act, 1881 together with minutes of proceedings, evidence and appendices.


See also: South Australian Consolidated Legislation. (Austlii)