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Transcripts: Expeditions, Overland Telegraph Line and railways

Use this research guide to delve into transcripts of handwritten documents on a variety of topics. More transcripts are linked to relevant records in our catalogue.

Expeditions, Overland Telegraph Line and railways

Reference number



D 3063

Lt-Col George Gawler

Letter describing the circumstances in which Henry Bryan lost his life during Gawler's northern expedition to Mount Bryan 1839

D 2875   

George Price Deane

Diaries kept by Deane while a member of George Woodroffe Goyder's Northern Territory Survey Expedition of 1868-1870 and of George Galbraith MacLachlan's Roper River expedition from 22 July to 24 September 1870

D 5108

Moonta Herald and North Territory Gazette

Manuscript newspapers (volume 1, no. 1 (2 January 1869), no. 2 (9 January 1869) and no.3 (16 January 1869) associated with the Northern Territory survey expedition. Much of the content is tongue-in-cheek comment on the members of the expedition and their activities aboard the ship. Publication credits: 'Printed and published for the Proprietors at the Office abaft the main-mast ship "Moonta" every Saturday morning'.

D 6999/2

William Dougall

Letter written from Trunklinford [?] about the location of John McDouall Stuart's marked tree 1884

D 7265

Charles Henry Johnston

Diary kept during the building of the Overland Telegraph Line 1872 and station life 1873

D 7742

Sir Richard Graves MacDonnell

Extracts from a lecture on the colony of  South Australia, describing early exploration, the problem of water and how it compares to Ireland and elsewhere 1863

D 7743

David Lindsay

Notes for a speech on exploration by a member of the Elder Scientific Exploring Expedition 1891-92

D 8065

William Alfred Crowder

Diary of 63 detailed pages kept by a member of the Overland Telegraph Line construction party 1871-72

D 8697

Brenda Baker

History of Custance and Hinckley Contractors who worked from 1853-54 on South Australian railways 2013

D 8720

Alexander Scott Cameron

Letters written while working on the Ghan railway; on the yacht Beatrice, the S.S. Innamincka,the H.M.C.S. Protector, the Bolivia, the S.S. Kolya, and on the Morgan-Kapunda railway line 1896-1900

PRG 50

Governor George Gawler

Selected papers including Julia Gawler diary kept during Charles Sturt’s expedition to Mount Bryan 1839

PRG 101/16

Mabel Hardy 

Paper on the career of Frederick Estcourt Bucknall 1860-87 with reference to the North-South Railway and his proposal for a Southern terminal and Canal at Grange 1965

PRG 294/1

William Webster Hoare

Diary as surgeon’s assistant and amateur naturalist on Surveyor-General George Goyder’s Northern Territory Survey Expedition 1868-69

PRG 630/2

Sir Charles Todd

Family letters, mainly by his wife Alice, written during Todd's absence on construction of the Overland Telegraph in 1872 and and a letter by Todd to his family in England describing his voyage to South Australia in the Irene 1855

PRG 487/1

Bessie Mountford

Five detailed diaries kept by Bessie as secretary to her husband, Charles Mountford’s American-Australian Scientific Expedition to Arnhem Land 1948

PRG 847/3

George Charles Hawker

Diary kept by George Hawker as a member of Captain EC Frome's expedition to the north-east July-August 1843

PRG 1218/9   

Charles P Mountford

Two manuscript journals kept by Mountford on the South Australian Government Expedition to the Simpson Desert to search for the possible remains of explorer Ludwig Leichhardt 1938

PRG 1513/1

Sir Dominick Daly

Two journals possibly by Joanna Wynn Daly and Mr Waterhouse of the trip to the South East by Governor Sir Dominick Daly and his party in February 1863