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Government and Parliamentary publications: Hansard

Australian state and federal governments and parliamentary publications

South Australian Hansard

Hansard is the edited version of what is spoken in Parliament. Hansard reports form a complete record of parliamentary debates and questions.

South Australian Hansard is also available on the website of the South Australian Parliament. Click on 'Calendar search' to browse by date. (As of December 2023 their online archive went back as far as May 1965.)

The Library holds a complete set of the Official Reports of the Parliamentary Debates (Hansard) for both the South Australian House of Assembly and the Legislative Council, available in the Government Publications area, and digitally via the NED platform from 2018/2019. 

Bound volumes contain Indexes to speeches and Indexes to subjects. 

Commonwealth Hansard

Daily proofs and official weekly versions for both the House of Representatives Hansard and the Senate Hansard are available online from 1901. 

Historic Hansard provides Commonwealth of Australia parliamentary debates (1901-1980) presented in an easy-to-read format.

The Library has a set of the Official Hansard for both houses of the Australian Parliament from 1902 up to mid 2013. The House of Representatives is bound in green; the Senate is bound in red.

There are indexes at the back of the bound volumes, divided into Indexes to speeches and Indexes to subjects. 

Interstate Hansards

Parliamentary Debates can be found on the website for each State and Territory.

Available dates vary and are frequently added to.

The Library holds hard copy Parliamentary Debates for some States and Territories including Victoria, NSW, Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory, although dates vary and holdings are incomplete. These are held in Offsite storage and can retrieved upon request, on Mondays and Thursdays. Library staff can assist with this.