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Australian Joint Copying Project: Admiralty - ADM

A guide to the holdings of the State Library of South Australia

Admiralty Office records

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The bulk of the Admiralty records filmed by the Australian Joint Copying Project were grouped by the Public Records Office (now known as National Archives UK) under the heading 'Admiralty and Secretariat'. The types of records microfilmed include correspondence, lists of ships and log books.

Contents of reels have not been described in detail or individual items indexed, however a general description of reel contents may be found in the Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook, Part 7, Admiralty produced jointly by the National Library of Australia and the State Library of New South Wales. 

ADM 1 - Admiralty and Secretariat - papers

The earliest records in this class consist of in-letters only, but from 1869 copies of out-letters, minute sheets and other subject related papers were all grouped together. From 1840 correspondence is arranged chronologically. Information found in this class includes correspondence with various departments of the Admiralty, with other offices, admirals' despatches, captains' and lieutenants' letters, letters from private individuals, organisations and companies, reports of courts martial, orders-in-council and other records.

Reel No.                Date Range                COMPLETE set of ADM 1                
3217 - 3264 1744 -1839  
3265 - 3281 1764 - 1819  
3281 - 3282 1809 - 1839  
3294 - 3431    1840 - 1900  

ADM 51 - Admiralty and Secretariat -  log books, captains' logs etc

The log books and journals filmed from ADM 51 and ADM 52 are mainly for ships on voyages to the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. These log books and journals were kept by various crew members. In addition to the usual details about weather and the ships' movements, these records often contain personal comments of the writers on the voyages and ports of call.

Reel No. Date Range COMPLETE set of ADM 51
1550 - 1571 1792 - 1769  
1762 - 1764 1798 - 1799  
2900 1824 - 1826  

ADM 52 - Admiralty and Secretariat - log books, ships' logs etc

Reel No.                Date Range                COMPLETE set of ADM 52
1603 -1609 1698 - 1836  
1615 - 1625 1797 - 1801  
2900 1824 - 1826 Shelved with ADM 51, Reel 2900

ADM 101 - Medical Departments - registers, medical journals

This class includes journals kept by the surgeons on convict ships 1816 - 1856, mostly travelling to Australia, and emigrant ships 1825 - 1853 bound for Australia and New Zealand.

Reel No.                 Date Range               COMPLETE set of ADM 101
3187 - 3216 1817 - 1856  

Locating information

Below are extracts from the Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook, Part 7 - Admiralty that may be of assistance when looking for more detail.

Some of the extracts have been marked with yellow highlighter. This indicates which reels the Library has in its collection where the holdings are not complete for that Class.

UK National Archives

Recently the UK National Archives began a Digital Microfilm Project to allow access to its most used items. Amongst the documents currently uploaded are items from the Admiralty Office. Items are grouped by Class (e.g. ADM 10) and many of the documents are very large. For more details go to Digital Microfilm, UK National Archives.