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Catherine Helen Spence: Bibliography

A guide to Catherine Helen Spence featuring writings about her and a chronological bibliography of her works.

  Fictional works

An agnostic's progress from the known to the unknown. London, Williams and Norgate, 1884. pp. 266.

The author's daughter. By Catherine Ellen [sic] Spence, author of 'Mr Hogarth's Will,' 'Tender and True,' &c., &c. London, Richard Bentley, 1868. 3 vols. Serialised in 1867 as Hugh Lindsay's Guest. Read online.

Clara Morison: a tale of South Australia during the gold fever. London, John. W. Parker & Son. 1854. 2 vols. Read volume 2 online.

Gathered in. By Catherine Helen Spence. With an introduction by B. L. Waters and G. A. Wilkes. Sydney University Press, Sydney, 1977. pp. 315. Serialised in 1881-2.

Handfasted. By Catherine Helen Spence, edited, with a preface and afterword by Helen Thomson. Penguin Books, Ringwood, Australia, 1984. pp. 378. Submitted to the Sydney Mail in 1879 but not published.

Mr Hogarth's will. By Catherine Helen Spence, author of 'Clara Morrison,' [sic] "Tender and True," etc., etc. London, Richard, 1865. 3 vols. Serialised in 1864 as Uphill Work. Read online.

Tender and true : a colonial tale. By the author of 'Clara Morison'. London, Smith, Elder and Co. 1856. 2 vols.

A week in the future. By Catherine Helen Spence. With an introduction and notes by Lesley Durrell Ljungdahl. Sydney, Hale and Iremonger, c.1987. pp. 136. Serialised in the Centennial Magazine in 1889.

  Non fiction works

Catherine Helen Spence: an autobiography edited by J. F. Young. Reprinted from the Register. Adelaide, W. K. Thomas & Co., 1910.

Effective voting: Australia's opportunity. An explanation of the Hare system of representation. Adelaide, Shawyer & Co, 1898.

Ever yours, C.H.Spence autobiography, extracts from 1894 diary and a selection of letters, edited by Susan Magarey with notes by Barbara Wall. Kent Town, Wakefield Press, 2005.

The laws we live under Published under the direction of the Hon. the Minister of Education of South Australia as a textbook for schools. Adelaide, Government Printing Office, 1880. Read online.

A plea for pure democracy: Mr. Hare's reform bill applied to South Australia Adelaide, Rigby 1861.

Some social aspects of South Australian life. By A Colonist of 1839-C. H. Spence. Articles reprinted from the Register Adelaide, R. Kyffin Thomas, 1878. Read online.

State children in Australia: a history of boarding out and its developments Adelaide, Vardon, 1907.

Tenacious of the past: the recollections of Helen Brodie edited by Judy King and Graham Tulloch. Adelaide, Centre for Research in the New Literatures in English and Libraries Board of SA, 1994.