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European Resources for Family Historians: Germany

This State Library of South Australia guide highlights resources available at the Library as well as various databases and websites that may assist your search for ancestors in Europe and the Mediterranean.


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South Australia has had a  German/Prussian presence since the first immigrants arrived in the late 1830s.  They brought with them may skills, trades and their knowledge of grape growing and winemaking. They also introduced the Lutheran faith to South Australia.

The information on this page concentrates on how to locate family history related records and information in Germany.

To trace family arriving in South Australia try our guide to immigration . If family arrived in Australia after 1940 passenger lists may be found at National Archives, as passenger lists came under Federal jurisdiction after 1940.

You may also like to view our Germans in South Australia guide.

Databases Available at the Library

While you are in the Library don't forget to check out our databases:

  • (library edition) - for onsite use only
  • Find My Past - for onsite use only

Ask Us

Are you unable to come into the State Library of South Australia to undertake your research?  You may like to consider using our Ask Us service.

Deciphering documents

Search the catalogue for more

The Library has quite a collection of family histories for German heritage families.  To locate them either check our catalogue under subject, then surname or try using the links below.

Germany -- Genealogy

Heraldry -- Germany

Nobility -- Germany -- Genealogy

Almanacs, German -- Germany -- Lahr

Archives -- Germany

Germany -- Emigration and immigration

Germany -- Biography

For a more general listing of German related material within our collection click here

Tips and Tricks for German Research

Some of the links below give helpful hints for undertaking research in various areas of Germany, while others give historical background and helpful hints for the family researcher.

German occupations of the 19th century

Of interest to those tracing German occupations of the 19th century is the following list:

Arbeiter labourer
Artabauer farmer
Arzt physician
Bergmann miner
Bierbrauer brewer
Gartner gardener
Goldschmied goldsmith
Kaufmann shopkeeper, merchant
Konditor confectioner
Landmann farmer
Longsbar tanner
Maler painter
Maurer bricklayer
Muller miller
Plymynan plumber
Sattler- saddler
Schafer shepherd
Schlachter butcher
Schmied blacksmith
Schneider tailor
Stellmacher wheelwright or coachmaker
Tischler joiner or cabinetmaker
Uhrmaker watchmaker
Weingartner grape grower
Zimmerman carpenter