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Aboriginal people of South Australia: Dieri

South Australian Aboriginal people and languages

Dieri language

Mobile Language Team. Dieri.

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Reuther, JG. The Diari ; translated by Philipp A. Scherer, 1981. (Microfilm)


Background and Resources

Additional relevant material may also be found on the Library Guide pertaining to the Killalpaninna Mission.

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Gason paper also found in: 

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ANU publication - Diyari language and people.

Archival material

Letters by Rebecca Maltilina, 1907-1917. Written in English and Dieri

Lord's Prayer in Diyari, A letter and a copy of the Lord's prayer in both English and Dieri written by Rev. Reuther of Killalpaninna.

Love, J.R.B. Account of a visit to the Lutheran Mission at Killalpaninna, December 1910

Postcards from Bethesda Mission Station Two postcards, written in Dieri and English.

Papers of Reverend Johann Georg Reuther, Missionary at Killalpaninna. (Held at SA Museum - not State Library of SA)